Below is our company's latest news and press articles.


Speeds has teamed up with new sponsors Rockford Fosgate and Thundermax. So now SPP gets to carry top notch stereo products from one of the top names in the industry and one of the best tuning products on the market today! So come check out SPP at one of our listed events on our events page and see what new products SPP has to offer! We also finally finished our new air cleaner The Speedy Max and now it is for sale. We also will be making some upgrades and changes to our website so stay tuned to see what is up an coming from SPP!


Speeds new dyno trailer


So this will be our 3rd year with the up graded dyno trailer with a new state of the art 250I dyno and Power Core software. This new equipment allows SPP to tune bikes even better and more accurate than before.  We now have also added in a new stealth technique to get better readings from the exhaust/O2 sensors. Come by the trailer and also see our awning and displays!  SPP is upgrading all our equipment to give you the customer hopefully a better experience and service!