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Speed's Secrets, April 2009

For reasons that don’t need explaining, many riders are hanging on tight to the Harley they already own. There’s nothing wrong with that, either, provided the bike is in good shape mechanically and cosmetically. But maybe now is the time to give that same bike a little TLC. Unlike what we’ve seen coming out of Washington, D.C., this is a fiscal plan that works, and it starts with something as routine as an oil-and-filter change. Done using the right supplies, however, that time-honored bit of service can be anything but routine.
Along with enhanced longevity, the right oil-and-filter combination can deliver real performance gains. If you’re not using synthetic oil, say the guys at Speed’s Performance Plus, now’s the time to make that switch. Compared to petroleum-based oil, synthetics hold their viscosity longer, do a better job of lubrication and drop engine temperatures up to 25-degrees. The crew at SPP has relied on Lucas Oil synthetics for years and, working with Speed’s Performance, Lucas has just released a straight 50-weight synthetic, a blend especially formulated for air-cooled V-twin engines. Match that with a K&N Performance Oil Filter designed to work with synthetic oils, and you’re on the way to another season of great riding. Speed’s takes this one step further, though. They recommend a switch to synthetics for the primary and the transmission. The benefits are smoother shifting, better clutch action and a transmission that clicks right into neutral.
Your routine service should also include a thorough once-over of the whole bike, and here it makes good sense to let someone else get up close and personal with your Harley. A trained service pro can spot potential weaknesses you might have taken for granted. Clutch adjustment and action, condition of the cables and linkages, plugs and plug wires, the drive belt, wheels and tires, the brake pads, and rotors and calipers all deserve close scrutiny. You’d be amazed, too, at how many bikes hit the road with under-inflated tires. A service pro will cast a trained eye on all of this, and speaking of that trained eye, the guys at Speed’s are real specialists at troubleshooting. Nagging electrical or mechanical gremlins can drive a rider nuts; the crew at SPP have a knack for zeroing in on the causes and fixing them.

A little added performance goes a long way towards making an old bike seem new, too. If you’re still on a bone-stock Harley maybe it’s time to throw a few bucks at “old faithful” to give it new life. It sure beats dealing with a monthly payment book for a new bike! The Speed’s team has developed a great package responding to that request. It’s their Stage I set up, “Ideal for the vast majority of street riders,” master-tuner Wayne Hanson says. This isn’t some finicky race setup, either. It’s a well-thought-out combination of parts and service delivering lots of low-end power, the kind a rider feels every time he cracks the throttle. It’s easy, relatively inexpensive and the result is remarkable.
The first thing the Stage I addresses is the air filter, and nothing smaller than a 21⁄2-inch wide filter should be considered. SPP’s own Speedy Flow Air Cleaner Assembly is a great choice. It lets you keep the OE cover if you want, accepts most aftermarket covers for a custom look, and frees up the breathing. Something as simple as slipping in the right breather element (Speed’s offers the One-Way Crank Vents) can gain you 3 to 5 MPG and an extra pony or two, as well. The next part of the package is the exhaust and here the recommendation is a 2-into-1 with a collector for maximum efficiency. If you don’t like that look or sound, the second-best choice, Speed’s says, are equal-length staggered duals, preferably using a crossover pipe or connecting chamber to balance the exhaust from cylinder-to-cylinder. All this can be installed in a matter of hours and, followed up with a Power Commander dyno-tune to optimize performance, your bike should be ready for another great season of riding.

Given these trying economic times, the timing is perfect to keep what you have and make it better. Speed’s Performance Plus will have their full-service display at shows across the country. Check the website for the show nearest you, then pay them a visit. Upcoming stops include Arizona Bike Week (Scottsdale, April 1– 5), Laughlin River Run (April 18– 26), Myrtle Beach Bike Week (May 8–17) and Laconia (June 13– 21). Speed’s also has three shop locations in: Blackhawk, South Dakota; Elk River, Minnesota; and New Market, Tennessee.

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