Shop Locations

Speeds has 3 shop locations which all handle different things:

1) Rapid City, SD Jason's place. This location can do it all from a simple oil change to a complete motor build. Jason also has Speed's 2nd dyno there to tune bikes. Just because you don't live in SD doesn't mean SPP can't work on your bike. They have good shipping prices on sending the complete bike or just the motor or maybe Jason can meet you 1/2 way. So if you are interested just call Jason at 605-695-2272 for an appointment today.

2) Otsego, MN Jamie's place. This location is where all the SPP products are handle. Everything from online orders, catalog orders, to phone orders. If you want to purchase SPP products or have questions on any of them contact Jamie at 605-695-1401.

3) Speeds mobile shop on wheels which attends events all over the country. This massive rig can do most any job from simple oil changes, to cams, motors, or dyno tuning. Just check out the events tab to see where we go and you can even book an appointment right online or call Jason 605-695-2272 or Jamie 605-695-1401 to set up an appointment. We bring the shop to a city near you!

No matter what your performance needs are Speed's can meet them. So if you want a great running bike or a fire breathing beast give someone from Speed's a call today!

SPP now has approved dealers all over the country, so getting your SPP products installed or serviced just got easier. So give us a call and if you can't make it to an event or to one of the shops, maybe we can get you to an approved SPP dealer to do the work.

lets keep in touch