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  1. Andrea Willingham Jamie Hanson 13-Apr-2016
  2. Doug Jamie Hanson 25-Aug-2015
  3. Jon Jamie Hanson 25-Aug-2015
  4. Paul Fries Jamie Hanson 25-Aug-2015
  5. Dusty Wolf Jamie Hanson 25-Aug-2015

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 Come check us out at our next event coming up The Lone Star rally in Galveston, TX!  We will be open for business Nov 3-6 on the corner of 25th and the seawall .  Call 605-695-1401 for appointments! 


Anyone looking for a cool looking motorhome let me know as SPP has this beauty for sale for pretty cheap! We are having Wildside build us a brand new state of the art Dyno trailer so we are looking to upgrade to a newer Motorcoach as well. Anyone interested please contact Jamie at 605-695-1401. We do have the ability to change the inside to a different setup as well if you are interested.


With a custom bike shop now with it's own dyno located in South Dakota and a state-of-the-art mobile dyno center traveling all over the country, Speed's Performance Plus specializes in professional Harley-Davidson dyno tuning and performance product installation!

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