Below is our company's latest news and press articles.

Speeds has teamed up with a couple of new sponsor Spectro Performance Oils and Rush racing products. So now SPP gets to carry top notch oil products and exhaust from two American made companies! So come check out SPP at one of our listed events on our events page and see what new products SPP has to offer! We are also working on a couple new air cleaners to hopefully come out yet in 2015 and some upgrades and changes to our website so stay tuned to see what is up an coming from SPP!

Speeds new dyno trailer

Speeds is in the process of building a brand new dyno trailer with a new state of the art dyno and software. We are not sure when it will be finished, but it will be something to see when it is done. So don't forget to ask the crew about the new dyno trailer being built.

Hot Bike and Hot Bike Bagger Magazine Articles

Speeds once again will be putting their monthly articles in Hot Bike and Hot Bike Bagger magazines. They are some of the best subscription base magazines in the industry. This will help reach a whole new group of people on a monthly bases. So pick up a Hot Bike or Hot Bike Bagger today and check out our articles under Speed's Secrets.

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